Why Buy From Us?

When you buy a laptop from the high street or internet, they are pre-loaded with junk

  • Trial software
  • Useless toolbars
  • Pointless games

This sort of junk software is called ‘bloatware’ and will cause your computer to run slower, will take up valuable space and power on your system and can even pose a security risk.

Invate installs a clean, optimised operating system onto each machine. This means that your computer boots quicker, runs faster and stays safer.

To see how your Windows laptop gets this special treatment, play the video below

Preparing your DSA computer

You’re in Safe Hands

Invate provides students with a comprehensive, reliable and friendly Course Long Care service. This gives you piece of mind that you have a safety net throughout the entirety of your course.

If you’re unlucky enough to have any problems with your computer, we’re here to fix them, and fix them fast.

Get in touch with our Free Tech Support Team and we’ll assign a Technical Support Engineer to work on your computer until it’s fixed.

Invate is also an approved repair centre for both Toshiba and Fujitsu. This means any repairs needed will have the parts supplied direct from the manufacturer. You get genuine parts without having to wait!

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