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If you’re unlucky enough to have any problems with your computer, we’re here to fix them, and fix them fast. Get in touch and we’ll assign a Technical Support Engineer to work on your computer until it’s fixed.

How to contact Technical Support

Our technical experts are ready to help. Please choose how you want to contact us.

Phone: 0191 230 6680


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If you require any help completing this information please get in touch on 0191 230 6680.

Our Technical Support department is available from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

If a call back service is offered, the call back will occur within 2 hours of the initial call, subject to the student’s availability.

Onsite and return to base repair

If the problem cannot be resolved within 24 hours by remote support, our Technical Support department will conduct an onsite visit to repair the equipment. If however, from the remote access, identifies that the problem cannot be fixed at an onsite visit then a return to base should be arranged with the student.

On site visits will be provided within 2 working days (subject to student availability) from the point that it was agreed that the problem could not be resolved remotely.

If the engineer cannot resolve the problem during the onsite visit, they will uplift the equipment and the “return to base” process will commence.
If the return to base repair is deemed necessary because the problem cannot be rectified remotely, uplift will take place within 2 working days (subject to student availability) from the point that it is agreed that the problem cannot be resolved remotely.

Equipment Uplift

For return to base repairs, equipment will be uplifted by the AT Provider either by courier or via an on-site engineer’s visit. If a courier is used for the uplift, it is the AT Provider’s responsibility to ensure that the student is capable of packing the equipment or for the courier to do so, this includes where necessary the AT Provider providing packaging for the goods to be returned.

Provision of Loan Equipment

If the problem cannot be rectified within 3 working days of uplift from the student, loan equipment will be provided. The loan equipment will be of a suitable specification to run assistive technology software.

Where the equipment is a specialist piece of equipment, the loan, as a minimum, must be able to run substantially all the support related software that was originally supplied.

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